Add Product and Bank to your own Library

You have make your own Library with this tutorial How to create your own Machine Library.
But you want, like NI Expansion Product, add your specific Product to your Library like that :

And add Bank or Sub-Bank to your Library like that :

There's no problem, I write a Python script to inject the Product name, Bank name & Sub-Bank name in your Groups (.mxgrp) and Sounds (.mxsnd).

Download the Python script NIMBank :
For Windows user, install Python to use this script (No tested on Windows OS).

Be careful, this script is deliver "as is" and the manipulation is at your own risk.This script is write with reverse ingeenering. It's not write by NI or with NI Information.Save your files before.


In my example, I have to finish the Bank Cinematics for the 99Sounds Library.
The file is locate on my hard disc here :

Go to the folder you have unzip and use NIMBank like that

$ ./ -p "99Sounds" -b "Cinematics" -r /Users/Shared/Maschine\ User/99Sounds/Cinematic\ Sound\ Effects
Select the folder in the finder and drop to to


  • -p : Change the name of the Product
  • -b : Add or change the Bank name 
  • -s : Add or change the Sub-bank name
  • -c : Clear Libray, Bank and Sub-bank name
  • -r : Recursive mode. Change all .mxgrp and .mxsnd in folder and sub-folder.

Launch Maschine, go to Preferences... > Library > User and rescan you library.
You can add your custom Artwork (with the same name like your Product Name) in the NIRessource folder.


If you want help to use NIMBank

$ ./ -h
To clear the Library and Bank data to your files

$ ./NIMBank -c -r /Users/Shared/Maschine\ User/99Sounds/Cinematic\ Sound\ Effects