How to use NimBank Tool script

This is just some examples to use the NimBank Tool...
This tool is a command line script (no gui). So use your terminal...
The last NimBank script is here.

The difference between Product, Bank and Sub-bank.

Modify or add the Author, Vendor and Comment

Modify or add Author, Vendor and Commentto Maschine and Massive files in a folder
./ -a "TheAuthor" -v "IamtheVendor" -c "My Great Comment" /files_folder/*

Add Product, Bank and Sub-bank

I want to add The Product name "Louis", Bank name "Drums" ans Sub-bank "Casio" to all Files in folder /files_folder
./ -p "Louis" -b "Drums" -s "Casio" /files_folder/*

Clear the Bank Information

Clear the Bank information to Machine and Massive files in the folder /files_folder
Clear the Bank information clear automatically the Sub-bank information.
./ -b "" /files_folder/*

Organise your Maschine and Massive files

With the python script and OSX/Linux shell, you can organise your Maschine & Massive File.

Exemple : you have a lot of Massive file in the folder "MyMassiveFile" and you want to move all Massive file with Bank name "MyBank" to the folder "MyBankFolder".
./ --list "csv" /MyMassiveFile/* | awk -F ";" '{if (match($6,"MyBank") > 0) print "mv \"" $1 "\" \"/MyBankFolder\"" }' | sh
cd /MyBankFolder
./ --list "csv" /MyMassiveFile/* | awk -F ";" '{if (match($6,"MyBank") > 0) {cmd="mv \""$1"\" \".\""; system(cmd)} }' 

Create a CSV files informations

Create a CSV file with your Massive file information (file, name, author, vendor, ...).
./ --list "csv" /MyMassiveFile/* > MyResult.csv

 Rename Massive Filenames with the name of Massive presets

./ --list "csv" /MyMassiveFile/* | awk -F ";" '{print "cp \"" $1 "\" \""$2".nmsv\"" }' | sh

 Rename the Massive presets with the name of Massive Filenames and do it for all files in the folder myfolder

for fullfile in myfolder  do filename=$(basename "$fullfile"); filename="${filename%.*}"; ./ -n "$filename" "$fullfile"; done