Add Bank & Sub-bank 2 Maschine & Massive File

The NimBank Tool v1.8 is totally re-writed to work with Maschine and Massive Files.

This Python script inject the Author, Vendor, Comment, Product name, Bank name & Sub-Bank name in your Machine Groups (.mxgrp), Maschine Sounds (.mxsnd) ans Massive File (.nmsv).

Download the Python script NIMBank :
For OS X user, Python is already installed with your OS.
For Windows user, install Python to use this script (No tested on Windows OS).
Be careful, this script is deliver "as is" and the manipulation is at your own risk.This script is write with reverse ingeenering. It's not write by NI or with NI Information. Save your files before.


There's a bug that corrupt file when you add/modify vendor & author in the 1.8 version.
Please update to the NimBank Tool v 1.9.


If you want help to use NIMBank

$ ./ -h

-l | --list           : list all information (no modification)
     --list [xml|csv] : list all information and output to specific format
-n | --name           : modify name field
-a | --author         : add/modify/clear author field
-v | --vendor         : add/modify/clear vendor field
-c | --comment        : add/modify/clear comment field
-p | --product        : modify product
-b | --bank           : add/modify/clear bank
-s | --subbank        : add/modify/clear sub-bank

-r | --recursive      : Recursive mode in directory

To clear a field, just use the blank string "".
Exemple to clear Sub-Bank to the Massive file MyFile.nmsv :
$ ./ -s "" MyFile.nmsv