How to create your own Machine Library

There are different possibility, this is my mine.

Create your Library structure

First create a new folder with the name of your new Library (MyNewLibrary).
I create this folder in a share folder, because the path of this folder is include in all your Groups and Sounds files (ex : osx:users:share:Machine Users:MyNewLibrary).
Create subfolders Sounds, Groups and Samples.


If you create your Library with differents Banks, I create a subfolder for each bank like that :
  • MyNewLibrary
    • MyBank1
      • Groups
      • Samples
      • Sounds
    • MyBank2
      • Groups
      • Samples
      • ...
    • ...

Copy your samples into your new folder MyNewLibrary/Samples/.

Add your Library in Maschine

Launch Machine
Add your new Library (Preferences > Library > User > Add).
Add a specific and unique alias (Alias Raw).
Close Preferences panel.


Tag all your samples.
I use existing tags (Drums, Instruments, Loops and One Shots).

Group and Sound

Create your Groups and Sounds.
Be careful, use the Machine browser (don't put the sample in the Groups are Sounds with the Finder or explorer, use the Machine browser).

Save your Groups (right clic on the group name > Save as) in the folder MyNewLibrary/Groups.
Save your Sounds  (right clic on the sound name > Save as) in the folder MyNewLibrary/Sounds.

Tag all your Sounds and Groups.
I use existing tags (Kits, Drums, Instruments, Loops and One Shots).
And I add all Groups and Sounds in a new tag "MyNewLibrary".

Final Step

Final Step, create a readme text file in the folder MyNewLibrary.
This information file contain the alias name (it's just for information).
 Zip your folder MyNewLibrary and share your Library...

Before share it, test in another computer....

That's all.

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