Vinyl Noise SFX Library for Maschine

Vinyl Noise SFX is a free library of vinyl noise and crackle sound effects created by Matoto aka Chia.
I have convert This Library, from 99Sounds, to Maschine.
This Library contain :
  • 37 Samples featuring a variety of vinyl record noises (44,1KHz, 16bits)
  • 3 Groups

You can download the Kontakt version directly on the 99Sounds website (require Kontakt full version).

If you make another Group or Sound, share it, and I can add your work to the Library.

—* History *—
- V2.00
Add bank name to Groups and Sounds: More easy to manipulate the library with Maschine Hardware.
Each product is define as a bank in the same library 99Sounds (available for Sounds and Groups)

- V1.02
First release