The Warehouse Library for Maschine

The Warehouse is a free collection of sound effects and organic percussion sounds created by Richard Gould.

The Warehouse is a sample instrument containing a range of SFX elements recorded in a military storage facility in the United Kingdom. It includes wooden, metallic and glass elements. Many of the sounds were captured within the natural ambience of the facility.
The sounds can easily be used as percussion elements as well as straight sound effects.

I have convert This Library, from 99Sounds, to Maschine.
This Library contain :
  • 116 Samples (96 KHz/24 bits) 
  • 7 Groups

You can download the Kontakt version directly on the 99Sounds website (require Kontakt full version).

If you make another Group or Sound, share it, and I can add your work to the Library.

—* History *—
- V2.00
Add bank name to Groups and Sounds: More easy to manipulate the library with Maschine Hardware.
Each product is define as a bank in the same library 99Sounds (available for Sounds and Groups)
- V1.02
  First release