How to update the 99Sounds Library to Maschine

You already have the 99Sounds library, in Maschine software, and you want to update it or add another 99Sounds product.

It's very easy.

1. Download a 99Sounds product for Maschine :

2. Unzip the folder

3. Open the 99sounds folder

4. Move the subfolder (name of the product)  into the 99Sounds folder in your preferred location. 
For me, my preferred location is "osx/Users/Shared/Maschine User Library/99Sounds"
If I want to add "Bass City" product, I move the folder "Bass City v1.01" in the folder "osx/Users/Shared/Maschine User Library/99Sounds/"

5. Run Maschine software

6: Go to Preference :

7. Clic on Library :

8. Clic on User :

9. Select the Raw alias "99Sounds" and Clic to Rescan button

10. The 99Sounds Library is update