99 Drums Samples Library for Machine

99 Drum Samples is a free collection of various drum (kick, HH, snare, cymbal, claves, ... from 808, electronic, vinyl, acoustic, tech, ...) from Tomislav.

The sounds were recorded from various analogue and digital sources and processed with various on-board effects and external gear.

I have convert this library, from 99Sounds, to Maschine.

Product Structure :
  • Library : 99Sounds
    • Bank : 99 Drum
      • 99 Samples (44,1KHz, 24bits)
      • 10 Groups 

If you make another group or sound, share it, and I can add your work to the Library.

—* History *—
- V2.00
Add bank name to Groups and Sounds: More easy to manipulate the library with Maschine Hardware.
Each product is define as a bank in the same library 99Sounds (available for Sounds and Groups)

- V1.02
  Bug fix : no alias file reference in all Sounds and Groups create with Maschine 2.3

- V1.01
  New folder organisation
  Create user bank name « 99Sounds » (more easy to use)
  New Tag Organization
  WARNING : Delete the old 99Sounds folder and subfolder before updating

- V1.00
  First release